Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for April 2017

PrecisionCare Software is a specialized, web-based Electronic Health Record software solution designed to meet the unique needs of agencies providing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Health services. They have been working with New York Human Services agencies for over 17 years and currently serve 90 agencies with tens of thousands of users throughout the state of New York. PrecisionCare is designed to ensure corporate compliance while streamlining the consumer record keeping process. Their software improves operational performance by creating efficiencies and accuracy in documentation while utilizing a user-friendly, customizable, web-based system. The software was created based on the state’s regulatory requirements and is easily adaptable to meet new demands. PrecisionCare’s goal is to provide customers with the compliance protection they need and the data they want to track.
PrecisionCare deals primarily with Bob Ryan and Linda Salerno as their account manager. Ryan and Ryan Insurance handles all of PrecisionCare’s insurance including property, liability, auto, worker’s compensation, and has even provided key man insurance for PrecisionCare senior executives.
Both parties value the professional relationship that has developed over the past few years of working together!