Friday, March 13, 2015

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Broker's Client of the Month for March


Located in Kingston, NY, USHECO, Inc. is Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.’s, March Client of the Month.  The company was founded by Bernarr Schaeffer, CEO, in 1961 and is currently operated by his son, Wayne Schaeffer, President, and Wayne’s wife, Lorene, Vice President.  Originally a metal fabricator, USHECO, Inc. is now a leader in custom plastic processing, thermoforming, CNC routing and machining, injection molding and line bending services.  USHECO,Inc. is able to assist their customers with their initial designs, selection of materials, and fabrication processes, all within engineering specifications to produce completed products.  Their customers encompass a wide variety of industries such as medical, dental, handicap equipment, electronics, engraving, hardware, and general industrial products.  If touring their facility, one may have the opportunity to see a pedal strap being made for CommunityPlaythings, a customer USHECO, Inc. has had for more than 50 years, a new resin alternative for the modern copper rain gauge being created for Worlds Coolest Rain Gauge Co., or a mold being prepared for BaileyPottery Equipment.

USHECO, Inc. has been involved in two very unique ventures in recent years.  The first is a partnership with NASA scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton, to design the Plant Air Purifier®.  The Plant Air Purifier® is a truly clean, green solution for repairing indoor air quality.  This unique air purification system has been found to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds from the air, as well as dust, allergens, and pet dander by pulling air down through the special growing media in the planter. Here, pollutants are captured and held by activated carbon until the microbes in
the root system can use them as food.  The Plant Air Purifier® was awarded 1st-place in the consumer products division of NASA Tech Briefs magazine’s
Create the Future” design contest in 2013.   USHECOInc.’s other endeavor involves a sauna, called Saunex.   Saunex is a personal portable sauna that is beneficial for detoxification, weight loss, pain and injury relief, skin care, stress reduction and general health maintenance.

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. has been handling USHECOInc.’s commercial insurance for numerous years.  When asked how Wayne and Lorene Schaeffer decided to bring their business to Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc., Lorene noted that “Bob Jr. had been a longtime friend of hers”.  When Wayne had the unfortunate experience of having to file a claim for damage to molds due to rain, he was finally introduced to Bob when he came out to inspect the damage.  Wayne states, “Bob walked in at that time, assessed the damage and was able to write a check on the spot.”  It was one of the most unusual and positive experiences Wayne has ever had.  USHECO,Inc. looks forward to continuing their long relationship with Ryan and Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who's Talking About Ryan & Ryan's Customer Service this Month?

Good morning Yvonne,

I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile for STAVO once again.
Yesterday I wrote you about the un-documented rate increase on both our Dental and Life Insurance thru Guardian.
Today you just phoned stating that you had them rescind the rate increase for this entire New Plan Year.   WOW!
That is wonderful news at least for this year....    I am sure they will make up the difference next renewal  2/2016.

Thank you for your continued support keeping STAVO in your best interest.
Enjoy a great weekend.

Kind regards always,
Jean Winter

Accounting Manager
Stavo Industries, Inc.