Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for October


In 1939, an average American guy saw the need for a lubricant to “unstick” his windows, drawers, and doors in his Queens, NY apartment complex.  That person, known as Uncle John, formulated the first batch of what would later be known as SlipIt, right on his own kitchen stove. He didn’t know it at the time, but John had just developed one of the first modern, effective, nontoxic lubricants in America. With this product, a new small business in America was born. Because of its general lubricating properties, the number of uses for SlipIt grew rapidly, and in 1940, Otis Elevator started using SlipIt’s sliding compound.  They remain a steady customer to this day. 
Since then, SlipIt has added many more loyal customers in the trucking, overhead door, and woodworking industries, as well as a variety of other service businesses. Customers include Otis Elevator, UPS, Norcold, San Diego Transit, US Space Alliance Warehouse and local companies like Usheco.

In 1999, Alan Vandebogart, was looking to help develop and grow a manufacturing business.  With a long history of devoted users but a need for additional growth, SlipIt was the perfect match.  Alan joined the team, and
has since gone on to become the current president of Slipit Industries, as well as a partial owner of the company. 

Alan states that because manufacturing businesses are being asked more and more to name their distributors as “additional insured’s”, SlipIt has increasingly been asked for such coverage. Ryan & Ryan professionals like Kim Whelan handle these needs adeptly. SlipIt is then able to add these additional insured’s and provide evidence of this coverage to their distributors quickly. It’s reassuring to have an insurance agency like Ryan and Ryan that is responsive to the changing needs of business.