Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc. Client of the Month for November 2017

When considering buying a house or a commercial building,  you may contemplate about plentiful cabinet space in the kitchen, an ample bedroom size, or how renovations may improve the space.  If you are selling a home or building, you may daydream about what your next home or your next investment will hold for you.  Surely, you will wonder how much your home or commercial building will be worth. The appraisal process however, may not be something high on your list of considerations. It is certainly not one of the most glamorous parts of buying or selling a residential home or commercial building, and yet if appraisals disappeared tomorrow, the real estate market would come crashing down.  So if you're about to buy or sell a home or commercial building and know little about appraisals, it's time to change that because no credible financial institution will lend you money without an appraisal.

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’ client of the month for November, Hudson Valley Appraisals, can lend a hand and help to improve your knowledge of the appraisal process. President Mike Bernholz started Hudson Valley Appraisal in 1983.  Mr. Bernholz provides real estate appraisal and appraisal management services for commercial and residential clients. He and his team of appraisers are one of the most sought after in the greater Hudson Valley.  They work with most of the established lenders in the Hudson Valley region of New York and around the country.  Hudson Valley Appraisal specializes in unique and complex property valuations and offers valuable services for homeowners, lenders, attorneys and government entities.  In addition, Hudson Valley Appraisals provides consulting and appraisal services pertaining to conservation easements, eminent domain and condemnation, avigation rights, property damage claims, and tax certiorari proceedings.

For those new to the appraisal process, it lets a bank or lender know what the loan collateral will sell for in a worst-case scenario.  In other words, to go with an extreme example, the bank doesn't want to be stuck with a home or commercial building they lent the borrower a million dollars for but can only sell for $100,000 because that's all it is worth. The buyer shouldn't want that either, of course.  So appraisals exist for good reason, but what can make them a tense time for all parties is that they are conducted after you've negotiated a price, agreed to buy or sell the house and signed the contract. So it's in everyone's best interest that the appraisal is close to the price that both seller and buyer have agreed on.

As an appraisal management company, Hudson Valley Appraisal Management Services provides the services necessary for lenders and mortgage brokers to comply with the Appraiser Independence Requirements. Hudson Valley Appraisal expertise in appraisal management services means clients can be assured that appraisals ordered through Hudson Valley Appraisal will be in compliance with the AIR.

Mr. Bernholz supervises a team of 18 full-time real estate appraisers and 3 full time administrative staffers.  Appraisers who have an average of 20 years’ worth of experience in real estate appraisal in offices in Ulster and Delaware Counties,  knowledgeable personnel is always on hand to receive requests and answer any questions throughout the business day.

In turn, when it comes to his extensive insurance portfolio, Mr. Bernholz’s looks for the expertise and extensive knowledge from Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.  Mr. Bernholz has various government contracts that require proof of insurance. These are always dealt with in an extremely timely manner by the customer service staff at Ryan & Ryan.  Mr. Bernholz states, “There are very few people as responsive and knowledgeable as Bob Ryan.  Bob does what he says he is going to do.”

For more information about Hudson Valley Appraisal Corp. please visit  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. Client of the Month for October

In this month's newsletter, Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. turns the table and provides some PR for a company that specializes in promoting, marketing, and administering communications for others, JMC Marketing, Communications & PR.  JMC is the client of the month for October at Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.  Founded in 1987 by John Mallen, the JMC organization focuses on administering a full range of PR, advertising, and promotion for a variety of clients.  JMC acquires a thorough understanding of their clients’ organizations, business environments, and audiences to develop a strategic, integrated communications and marketing plan that delivers measurable results.  JMC also provides strategic services such as corporate positioning, crisis communications, social media, and creative services such as advertising, newsletters and site development, just to name a few.
John Mallen enlisted Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. as their agent after a claim experience in 2009 which John states changed his outlook on what an insurance agent should provide to their clients.  “You need an insurance agent that understands and that can assist on the purchase side, as well as the claims side.”  After becoming a client of Ryan & Ryan’s, John experienced another claim in which his heating system malfunctioned and sent water through the steam heat system, creating a significant amount of water damage.  This time, Ryan & Ryan assisted in providing excellent service in placing a claim to the insurance company.  John is always happy to be assisted at Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers by Kerri Letersky, Kim Whelan, Yvonne Wynkoop, or Amelia Caster.  Everyone is extremely helpful on the Ryan Team and it is even not unusual for John to deal directly with Bob Ryan himself.
JMC Marketing, Communication & PR, provides further services such as media relations, public affairs, special event planning and coordination, speeches and speaker training, dealing in focus groups, executive interviews, database research, and quantitative analysis in several industries such as healthcare, government, economic development, retail, financial and international trade.  To learn more about JMC Communications, Marketing & PR, visit their website at Real Solutions for Real World Issues, JMC Welcomes you to the real world.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for September 2017

R&F Handmade Paints

This month Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers introduces one of their most colorful clients, R&F Handmade Paints, a multifaceted paint company that is material focused and art driven.  Visiting R&F Handmade Paints, one is instantaneously drawn to the vivid extensiveness of their handmade paints and the comradery of the community of painters who utilize them.  
R & F Handmade Paints built their impeccable reputation producing and expanding the medium of encaustic paints. Encaustic paint is derived from pigmented beeswax and resin and is worked through the use of heat.  R&F Handmade Paints has been creating these beautiful paints since 1988 and has been based in Kingston since 1995.  In 2006, they bought their current location, 84 Tenbroeck Ave, a 19th-century factory building which was redesigned with multiple avenues in mind. From production to exhibition, their unique site houses R & F Handmade Paints’ store, offices, production facility, gallery, and workshop space.

R&F Handmade Paints has been insured with Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers for a little over a year.  According to Account Manager, Lorrie Fredette, “It is not easy work to move your insurance.  In working with Kim Whelan at Ryan & Ryan, we find her knowledge of the industry to be solid.  She is dedicated to representing our best interest, and we consider her part of our R&F team.”  Lorrie goes on to explain that R&F Handmade Paints is a niche company, manufacturing handmade artist paints. “Kim advocates endlessly on our behalf.  She is proactive, assuring us, that we have the best coverage at the best price. Kim has accomplished this through her years in the industry, learning the specifics about our company, and representing our best interests when she speaks with the underwriters about our policy needs. On the rare occasion Kim is not available, we have always been helped by the team of professionals Bob has brought to his agency.”

A visit to the website of R&F Handmade Paints at , will mesmerize you.  With information about the company’s history, their extensive online product sales, upcoming novice to advanced workshops, and gallery exhibits of featured artists, R&F Handmade Paints is an interesting Ryan and Ryan Insurance Brokers’ Client of the Month to explore.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for June 2017

In the Hudson Valley, one commercial real estate firm surpasses all of the rest, Sperry Van Ness Deegan-Collins Commercial Reality or SVNDCCR. Managing directors, Thomas Collins, CCIM, Joseph Deegan, CCIM, and Hans Hardisty have combined their established reputations and expertise in the commercial real estate business to provide superior service under the nationally based real estate company of Sperry Van Ness (SVN).
  Mr. Collins and Mr. Deegan have real estate backgrounds of close to 30 years and experience in appraisal, brokerage, consulting, site selection, development, re-development, mortgage finance, landlord and tenant representation, consulting, and property management services.  Mr. Hardisty started as an advisor with SVNDCCR in 2015 and became the newest managing director in January 2017.  Hans brings to SVNDCCR his wealth of knowledge in the specialization of the purchase and sale of self-storage facilities across the tri-state area.  In addition, he has extensive retail, office, and hospitality experience throughout the Mid-Hudson Region.  In the later half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, SVNDCCR also introduced John Valis, Frederic Hugue, and Michaela Herman as three new advisors.  Similar to Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’ motto of  putting “Customers First,” SVN advisors have built a solid reputation and continually pride themselves with putting their clients’ interests first. This quality has helped them to become one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in the world and SVNDCCR the most recognized in the Hudson Valley.
  With SVNDCCR’s roots strongly established in the Hudson Valley, especially in Kingston, New York, it is no coincidence that there is also a strong connection with Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers.  Ties between Joe Deegan and Bob Ryan go back to when they were children,  so it is not surprising that Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers is SVNDCCR’s  insurance agency of choice.  Friendship aside, Joe states, “Bob is a great resource for insurance questions and where to maximize coverage while minimizing premiums.  Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, handles E&O, BOP, Liability, Auto, Home, Life, Renters, etc.  Bob also has a unique perspective of understanding all you do and a way of making sure there are no gaps in your coverage that you may have otherwise overlooked.”
    SVNDCCR’s main office is located at 411 Washington Ave., Suite 201 in Kingston, New York. They also just celebrated the opening of their new location at 2656 South Road, Suite C in Poughkeepsie, New York on June 23rd.  Visit their website,,  to view their available commercial real estate properties, or contact the SVNDCCR office with any commercial real estate questions at 845-339-9100.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. Client of the Month for May 2017

Kingstone Insurance Company, located at 15 Joys Lane in Kingston, NY, is Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’  Customer of the Month and Insurance Company of the Month for May.  Kingstone Insurance Company offers a wide variety of personal lines products such as homeowners, rental properties, condo and co-op, umbrella, monoline canine liability, and voluntary flood insurance. They also provide commercial lines products such as a contractor’s craft pak, businessowners (BOP), SMP, and physical damage only for hire vehicles.  
The executive team at Kingstone is led by Barry Goldstein, Chairman of the Board, who recently received the LI RAP Executive of the Year award from PIANY. Kingstone’s selection of products and dedication to prompt personal service is why they are 1st on the list of top 10 performers in New York in the PIA Company Performance Survey for 2010 and 2012.

Kingstone Insurance Company has been a client of Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers since 2015.  Yvonne Wynkoop, licensed Life, Accident, and Health Broker is their ‘go to’  person for any questions they have in regard to their account.  According to Shannon Matty - Provvisiero, NYS Marketing Manager and Customs Relation Manager at Kingstone Insurance Company, Yvonne consistently goes above and beyond the average service provider and treats every question and service need as a top priority.  She makes time during normal business hours and after hours to answer any questions Kingstone has regarding plan policies, compliance concerns, enrollment, etc. She has also helped to resolve numerous employee benefit issues surrounding various individual circumstances.  

For a list of all products that Kingstone Insurance Company offers, click here.  Kingstone is an insurance company you can count on.  With growing technology  and automation in the industry, Kingstone Insurance Company has not forgotten the importance of personal service and that is why they are Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’ Customer of the Month and Insurance Company of the Month.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for April 2017

PrecisionCare Software is a specialized, web-based Electronic Health Record software solution designed to meet the unique needs of agencies providing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Health services. They have been working with New York Human Services agencies for over 17 years and currently serve 90 agencies with tens of thousands of users throughout the state of New York. PrecisionCare is designed to ensure corporate compliance while streamlining the consumer record keeping process. Their software improves operational performance by creating efficiencies and accuracy in documentation while utilizing a user-friendly, customizable, web-based system. The software was created based on the state’s regulatory requirements and is easily adaptable to meet new demands. PrecisionCare’s goal is to provide customers with the compliance protection they need and the data they want to track.
PrecisionCare deals primarily with Bob Ryan and Linda Salerno as their account manager. Ryan and Ryan Insurance handles all of PrecisionCare’s insurance including property, liability, auto, worker’s compensation, and has even provided key man insurance for PrecisionCare senior executives.
Both parties value the professional relationship that has developed over the past few years of working together!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. Client of the Month for March2017

Paws Unlimited

Shari Bach is founder of Paws Unlimited and Ryan & Ryan’s Client of the Month for March.  Since her start in 2001, Shari has provided love, food, shelter and veterinary care to numerous homeless dogs.  She admits her shelter is  ‘all consuming’ but also something she holds extremely near and dear to her heart.  ‘Each and every one of the dogs at Paws Unlimited is her first and utmost priority.’  Shari explains that over the past few years, her shelter has changed direction. She still does rescue, but rather than taking in young adult dogs, she is focusing more on seniors, knowing they will most likely never leave.  She has also started a new program, which allows people to foster a senior dog for Paws Unlimited.  This means people foster a dog in their home with medical care and food provided by Paws Unlimited; foster families provide the home and love, something that is priceless in today’s world. Shari utilizes the same approach of fostering dogs for Paws Unlimited as she does for adopting. She does a home visit, checks vet references, and confirms that the home environment is good for the pet.  In addition, Shari also continues to board dogs which helps to financially support the shelter.  

Shari became a client of Ryan & Ryan Insurance in 2010.  She was introduced to Bob through a mutual friend and a former Ryan & Ryan Client of the Month, Merle Borenstein, owner of Armadillo Bar and Grill.  Shari states that she needed a ‘good insurance person’ with a special property and casualty market to insure her business.  Ryan & Ryan Insurance had just what Shari needed. Today Paws Unlimited is insured with Great American Insurance Group, Ryan & Ryan’s Insurance Company of the Month for March.  

On a scale of 1- 10,  Shari rates Ryan & Ryan insurance at a 15+!  
Her primary contact, who she refers to as “her lifesaver,” is Jeanne Beck. Shari explains, “Whenever I have a question as stupid as it might be, and whenever I am having a meltdown because I don’t understand something I have received in the mail, Jeanne always, always has an answer and calms me down… Unfortunately, she has seen and heard me during one of my many meltdowns. I can’t praise her enough!!!!”

The health and welfare of each dog take precedence over everything in Shari’s life.  Her ultimate dream is to find a ‘forever home’ with a loving family for every dog in the shelter. Until then, the dogs remain safe and loved in Shari’s care. It is an immense commitment. Fortunately, insurance is one thing she does not have to worry about!  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Client of the Month for February 2017

Are you looking for help with individual taxes, self-employment, real estate investments, tax exempt organizations, trusts, wills, or estates?  Are you looking for a broad range of services and the expertise and confidence to address a multitude of employment and financial situations?  Francis P. Flynn CPA PC, a full service Certified Public Accounting firm, can assist you with all this and is Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’ Client of the Month for February.

Francis P. Flynn started his accounting firm in 1997, and he knew from the beginning that he needed to find appropriate insurance for his new business.  Frank contacted Bob Ryan and has been with Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers ever since.  For most of his service needs, he deals directly with his account manager, Kerry Letersky, or directly with Bob. In addition to his property and casualty insurance needs, Frank also has life insurance with Bob.  Bob has provided Frank with valuable consultation whenever he has had questions and concerns regarding his insurance.

Frank Flynn referred to Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers saying,  “I have always found Bob and his staff to be very responsive to our needs as my business has evolved over the last 19 years.  He is also proactive, anticipating what coverage changes I can benefit from.  Bob is just an all around good guy, which makes buying insurance that much less painful.”

For more information on Francis P. Flynn and his firm,  or contact him 845.340.7999

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Client of the Month for January 2017

As we start the new year, most of us are thinking about slimming down. At Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, we are fixated on the mouthwatering offerings of our Client of the Month, Home Plate Deli & Caterers.  Owned and operated by Alex Stier, Home Plate Deli & Caterers is a local, small business that features quality food at everyday prices. Alex and his team pride themselves on serving delicious, homemade foods with the freshest ingredients at the most reasonable prices. Home Plate Deli & Caterers, located at 1128 Morton Blvd., Kingston, NY, is a favorite local breakfast and lunch spot that offers a broad menu. They also provide a variety of off site catering services, including full service catering, throughout the greater Hudson Valley area. Catering corporate events, fundraising events, weddings, graduations, dinners, and lunches has become a distinctive trademark of Home Plate Deli & Catering. Alex employs Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate chefs in order to ensure that every catered event is a huge success. Their catering menu is also extensive, ranging from full service hors d'oeuvres and elegant butler-style buffet service to their eat-in deli menu. In addition, Alex enjoys giving back to the community such as volunteering to be a centralized location for a “Toys for Tots” drive and serving dinner to employees on “Black Friday” at Target.  So the next time you are preparing for a celebration, remember Home Plate Deli & Catering’s exceptional catering, style, and pricing. Visit their website @ or visit their facebook page -  for their wide-range catering and deli menus.