Monday, February 9, 2015

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc., Client of the Month for February 2015

How does one get fresh produce from local farms, homemade soups, jarred pickles or sauces ready to be supplied to restaurants, stores or homes? With help from Farm to Table Co–Packers.  Farm to Table Co-Packers, Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers’ Client of the Month, helps satisfy the need of various businesses to have farm fresh vegetables & berries throughout the entire year. Farm to Table Co-Packers is a full service contract packaging facility right here in the Hudson Valley. Located off of Exit 19 of the New York State Thruway and Rt. 209 on Enterprise Drive, Farm to Table Co-Packers has the experience and local connections to get your product made and ready for market.  With their 29,000 sq. ft. kitchen, dedicated processing line, full bakery, incubator/test kitchen, 3 loading docks, 8,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated storage space for frozen and dry goods, plastic bag sealers, capping machines, and labelers, they produce fresh or frozen soups and chili’s in pouches, containers or glass, sauces in pouches or glass, pickles in glass jars or buckets, fresh pickles, and blanched & IQF vegetables in pouches and bulk. Farm To Table has the capability, knowledge, and expertise to help you get your product to market.

How might you know if you have a great idea or product or if Farm to Table Co-Packers can help your business grow? Visit their 7 steps to getting started @
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