Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. Client of the Month for September.....

Brad’s Barns & Gazebos

Whether you are in the market for additional storage to house your lawn mower, snowplow, bikes or extra vehicles, or are interested in a two story multiple bay garage, the first place to look is Brad’s Barns & Gazebos. Providing Amish built quality with the highest attention to detail , Brad’s Barns & Gazebos maintains a great reputation throughout the United States for their craftsmanship and design, their structural integrity, and their superior materials. If the barn or gazebo you are looking for is not available on their 3-acre lot or in their extensive stock, Brad’s Barns & Gazeboscan have it custom built for you. Horse barns, cabanas, chicken coops and cabins are available to view on their website @, as well as sheds,
gargages , gazebos and hot tubs . If financing is an issue, Brad’s Barns & Gazebos​ also has a new rent to own program; monthly payments and loan terms are available up to 60 months.
Owner, Joe Charmello, is also excited to announce a new line
Brad’s Barns & Gazebos will be offering soon; children’s playsets! These new playsets are intended for a family’s backyard or for commercialsettings such as parks, schools, businesses, or municipalities. Joe is thrilled to be taking on this new venture.

A large part of Joe’s business is dealing with outside vendors, building departments, and municipalities. In order to do this, he relies heavily on Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. to handle all of his insurance needs. Joe has known Bob since high school and has been a customer of Bob’s throughout his insurance career. Kim Whelan always handles his immediate need for Certificates of Insurance in a prompt and efficient manner. Kim

and Bob also meet with him several times a year to review his insurance and make any necessary suggestions necessary
regarding his coverages .
No other insurance agency provides customer service like Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. I know my business and Bob knows his business. That is what I need.” – Joe Charmello 

Inland Marine Insurance

So what, exactly, is 

inland marine insurance?

It provides coverages to businesses for property that is mobile in nature or requires unique valuation that they own or have in their care. Many types of property are covered, including those related to construction, transportation, fine art and communications.
As a business owner, it could be you've never heard of inland marine insurance, or maybe you've dismissed it because of the name. "My business doesn't own any marine craft or transport goods over water." You figure, "Why would I want to learn about Inland Marine Insurance?" 

Well, you might want to think again. Inland marine insurance was first created to cover the transport of goods over water,1 but the definition of the term has expanded to refer to the coverage of goods in transit on land, as well as to the property of others that is at your premises or being transported to or from your premises. 

In fact, depending on the type of small business you own, Inland Marine Coverage could be key to protecting business property. Does your business transport property of any kind? Do you have buildings under construction? 

Consider everything you and your employees put in some vehicle or another during the day to keep your business going. That can range from tools and construction equipment to computer data to building plans and beyond. 

Your property insurance policy might not be enough to protect the items you need to do business. Many property policies limit coverage to within a certain number of feet from a designated business address. That doesn't help you if your equipment is damaged at a job site 10 miles away from your office. 

If you have property that's moved from place to place on a regular basis, inland marine coverage is crucial.
Inland Marine Coverage offers affordable protection for the tools, equipment, merchandise, and other goods and items you transport for your business no matter where they go or are located. All of these things are covered while they're in transit, sitting in a company vehicle or at a job site. Your personal auto policy may not fully cover these items. 

And keep in mind that Inland Marine Insurance isn't necessary only for contractors. Valuable papers, portable computers and the data contained on them, signs, items to be shipped - all can be covered by an Allstate Inland Marine policy. It can even cover loss or damage to property belonging to others while the property is in your possession. If you clean, service, or repair the property of others, even while that property is on your premises, Inland Marine Coverage can help save the day - or at the very least a great deal of headaches and hassle.