Monday, November 10, 2014

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.,

         Client of the Month for November

Our Client of the Month for November, Stavo Industries, Inc. DBA ErtelAlsop, is a locally owned and operated company. They specialize in manufacturing and selling liquid filtration products for use in pharmaceutical products, distilled beverages, wine, beer, soft drinks, food ingredients, cosmetics, flavors, chemical, wastewater, and electric utilities. Clients of Stavo Industries include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, AVON, Jim Beam, Central Hudson, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Archer Daniels Midland.  Stavo Industries is a third generation family business that was founded in 1932. Currently, the company is owned and operated by George and Bianca Quigley.  Their new facility is located at 132 Flatbush Ave. in Kingston, NY.

George and Bianca have been customers of Bob Ryan’s for many years. This business relationship began when they purchased their personal insurance from Bob.  A challenging situation with their commercial insurance program motivated George and Bianca to contact Bob for advice, even though he was not their broker at the time. The expertise and advice they received from Bob gave them such a sense of trust and respect, it lead them to place all of their current commercial insurance and benefits with Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc. In addition to Bob, Stavo Industries also works closely with Kim Whelan and Yvonne Wynkoop in addressing all of their insurance queries. 

Please visit our Client of the Month, Stavo Industries, Inc. DBA ErtelAlsop,
 via their web site at for additional information on their products and clients that have been buying from them for over 80 years!

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc.

Employee of the Month for November is................
                              Kerri Letersky

Whether you walk through the door or call in to the office of Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc., the first person to greet you is Kerri Letersky.  With a warm smile and pleasant disposition, Kerri is happy to connect you to the appropriate insurance agent who will assist you with all of your concerns.  Kerri came to Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc. with 5 years of customer service skills so she is always ready for whatever challenge comes her way. Kerri’s day-to-day responsibilities include receiving & processing payments from clients, filing documents, and assisting all Ryan and Ryan agents when necessary.   She is currently taking classes toward obtaining her NY Property & Casualty License.

When asked to give some thoughts about Kerri, Jeanne Beck the Operations Manager at Ryan & Ryan says, “She is just great!  Kerri is a self-starter who always tries to figure things out on her own before asking for help. I’ve also never seen her lose her patience, even in trying situations”.  Ann Dippel, Associate at Ryan & Ryan adds, “I don’t know what we would do without Kerri. Her cheerfulness and willingness to help out whenever and wherever it’s needed is appreciated by all of us here at Ryan and Ryan, as well as our customers!”

So stop in and see for yourself how a cheerful “Hello” from Kerri Letersky, welcomes you to the warm, professional atmosphere at Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc.!