Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. Client of the Month for March2017

Paws Unlimited

Shari Bach is founder of Paws Unlimited and Ryan & Ryan’s Client of the Month for March.  Since her start in 2001, Shari has provided love, food, shelter and veterinary care to numerous homeless dogs.  She admits her shelter is  ‘all consuming’ but also something she holds extremely near and dear to her heart.  ‘Each and every one of the dogs at Paws Unlimited is her first and utmost priority.’  Shari explains that over the past few years, her shelter has changed direction. She still does rescue, but rather than taking in young adult dogs, she is focusing more on seniors, knowing they will most likely never leave.  She has also started a new program, which allows people to foster a senior dog for Paws Unlimited.  This means people foster a dog in their home with medical care and food provided by Paws Unlimited; foster families provide the home and love, something that is priceless in today’s world. Shari utilizes the same approach of fostering dogs for Paws Unlimited as she does for adopting. She does a home visit, checks vet references, and confirms that the home environment is good for the pet.  In addition, Shari also continues to board dogs which helps to financially support the shelter.  

Shari became a client of Ryan & Ryan Insurance in 2010.  She was introduced to Bob through a mutual friend and a former Ryan & Ryan Client of the Month, Merle Borenstein, owner of Armadillo Bar and Grill.  Shari states that she needed a ‘good insurance person’ with a special property and casualty market to insure her business.  Ryan & Ryan Insurance had just what Shari needed. Today Paws Unlimited is insured with Great American Insurance Group, Ryan & Ryan’s Insurance Company of the Month for March.  

On a scale of 1- 10,  Shari rates Ryan & Ryan insurance at a 15+!  
Her primary contact, who she refers to as “her lifesaver,” is Jeanne Beck. Shari explains, “Whenever I have a question as stupid as it might be, and whenever I am having a meltdown because I don’t understand something I have received in the mail, Jeanne always, always has an answer and calms me down… Unfortunately, she has seen and heard me during one of my many meltdowns. I can’t praise her enough!!!!”

The health and welfare of each dog take precedence over everything in Shari’s life.  Her ultimate dream is to find a ‘forever home’ with a loving family for every dog in the shelter. Until then, the dogs remain safe and loved in Shari’s care. It is an immense commitment. Fortunately, insurance is one thing she does not have to worry about!